Monopoly is a board game created by Parker Brothers back in 1935. It’s estimated that over seven hundred and fifty million people have played this most popular game.

Following its success worldwide, Gamebox Ltd decided to create Monopoly Malta.

The Malta Monopoly Game is in Maltese language and includes localities that were chosen by a panel of judges, some of which were residents of Malta. Maltese people had also the opportunity to choose which photo will be featured on the cover of Monopoly Malta. The shortlist consisted of the Valletta Waterfront, L-Imnajdra Temples and the Maltese flag showcasing the George Cross. An impressive 80% of the voting members choose L-Imnajdra Temples and therefore such photo will be the Malta Monopoly Game box cover for the coming 25 years.

Although Monopoly is not one of the most common traditional Maltese games, it will most definitely be the family board game to play this Christmas 2008. In fact Monopoly Malta will be available to buy online or even from most of the local toy shops before the end of the year. This year from same company we saw the launch of Monopoly “Here and Now”, which is the first world edition of this most popular board game, including 22 of the most popular cities worldwide.

Although it was disappointing that none of the Maltese cities where included in the worldwide edition of Monopoly, it’s a great achievement that the Maltese have their own localized board game. The community chest and chance cards are customized to reflect the traditional Maltese lifestyle too. One thing to note is that although it’s in Maltese, it does include translations to the English language.

I will be posting here a list of all local shops from where to buy Malta Monopoly game and am encouraging you to buy, play and leave your reviews here too.