Did you know that the earliest ever reference to magnification in history dates back to the 8th century BC found in Egyptian hieroglyphics? Don’t get me wrong they didn’t exactly walk around wearing designer eyeglasses but the concept of magnification has evolved since then.

It is also said the Roman Emperor Nero (the guy who had his mother executed) watched gladiator games using an emerald as a corrective lens. However it is not exactly clear who and when came up with the concept of wearing glasses but it is estimated that it was sometime during the 13th century.

To think that till around 50 years ago most people would rather walk around half blind than be caught wearing glasses. My own mother (who is as blind as a bat without her glasses) admits that when she was a young child her mother would not allow her to wear her glasses outside of the house as this was considered a taboo. People who wore glasses were frowned upon for some reason, which I cannot quite grasp. Thankfully such taboos have been kicked out and we can now walk around without bumping and tripping on everything in our way.

Not only are people not ashamed to wear eyeglasses anymore but they have now also become a stylish fashion item and a highly profitable industry with most renowned fashion designers branching into this industry. They have become such a fashion icon that some people wear glasses even though they don’t need to. Maybe it gives a person the impression that they look more professional or more intellectual. Actress Katherine Heigl, who plays Dr Izzie Stevens in the hit TV show Grey’s anatomy, admits that she wore eyeglasses for her audition in an attempt to make herself look more intelligent. I’m guessing it worked!

Since prescription glasses have gained popularity all major designer houses such as Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Dolce e Gabbana, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Rayban and many more have all launched their own glasses line with new models being released constantly.

Prescription eyeglasses, as well as designer sunglasses are not just a fashion statement. Looking after one’s eyes is something that should be on everyone’s agenda. Have your eyesight tested regularly, at least once a year. This can be done by appointment in most optical shops in Malta or at your local pharmacy. However to check your eyes properly to ensure that they are in good health you should visit an Ophthalmologist. These doctors will not only check your eyesight but the overall condition of your eyes. Ask your GP for more information on this.

If you do need to wear prescription glasses, the doctor will give you a prescription, which states how strong your lenses need to be. Once you choose the glasses you would like to purchase, the optical shop will fit in the correct lenses for you, usually within a few days. Prices will range depending on the strength and type of the lenses. For one’s convenience, cheap sunglasses are usually for sale at same shops too.

If you are looking for designer prescription glasses in Malta here are a few optical shops you should visit:

  • K-Optics Opticians – 5, Rocklands, Windson Street, Sliema
  • Mario Dispensing Opticians – 57, Main Gate Street, Victoria, Gozo
  • O’Hea Opticians – 191, The Strand, Gzira
  • Optika Opticians – 17, The Strand, Sliema
  • P. Muscat Opticians – 38, Republic Street, Valletta
  • Tanti Opticians – Valletta, Birkirara, Paola and Sliema