Sex Shop Malta

Sex Shop in Malta.A sex shop is an outlet that sells merchandise such as sex toys, lingerie, erotic books, and safe sex products such as condoms. In addition, they are popular places to buy risque accessories for hen and bachelor parties.

Over recent years, they have become more mainstream and you can now find them on the high street and in shopping malls.

A popular chain in the UK is Ann Summers, a hit with women because of its clean and fun image; the company is now expanding into Europe, with a branch in Valencia, Spain.

Malta is one of the most religious countries in Europe; one of only two countries worldwide without divorce, for example, and so is rather conservative when compared to the rest of Europe. There are strict laws governing pornography in Malta, so sex shops don’t exist in the more traditional sense. You won’t find sex shops per se, but chemists do sell the Durex “Play” range, including sex toys, lubricant and massage products, however this is fairly tame when compared with what’s available in Europe.

Several online adult shops will deliver to Malta, which means that, essentially, you can buy the “adventurous” products that are available elsewhere.

Strict laws prevent some items being advertised, although one company that embarked on mail-order services to Malta as far back as 1999, managed to advertise ‘toys for girls, toys for boys, lingerie, bondage-related items, condoms, greeting cards, videos, lubricants and catalogues’.

Sex sells, and never more than today when The Internet means that anything even xxx is available, to anyone, anywhere.

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