Archery in Malta.As winter approaches, it is time to look for new activities to fill the Autumn and Winter months. Why not try archery!

Archery has had a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with the release of films such as Hunger Games. Archery has been an intrinsic part of human culture, vital for hunting and the defence of civilisations all over the world. It is now a high level Olympic sport and a huge amount of fun! There is nothing more satisfying than when you manage to hit the target and it is a great sport for all ages. There are two main archery clubs in Malta – Falcon Archery Malta and Malta Archery. Both offer a wide range of classes and activities for all skill levels.

Falcon Archery, based in the archery range of the University of Malta campus in Msida, teaches traditional archery skills to all ages. As well as teaching the basics of archery, you will receive a thorough grounding in the history of archery and get a chance to shoot from many different types of traditional bow. Falcon Archery are able to offer group events, workshops and individual lessons. If you just want to give archery a go, then start with a Basic Archery Course which costs €35. During the 2 hour course, you will learn the basic elements of shooting, including proper bow handling, nocking an arrow and how to correctly draw a bow. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of achievement. For the more ambitious archer, there are regular training sessions for all levels, inclusive of coaching and all equipment and prices start at €12 per person for a 90 minute session.

Falcon archery also offers to visit schools all over the island at no charge to share their historical knowledge with kids of all ages. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to have a go at archery, and learn about the history and traditions that have grown over the centuries.

Malta Archery offer a slightly different take on archery. As well as courses in tradition archery, they also offer courses in Meditative/Zen archery, Martial archery – combining the training of martial arts with the skills of archery and Asian archery – a very different type of skill set from Western archery. Malta Archery also offers Indoor Archery, based at The Embassy Complex in Valletta. The indoor range is equipped with 4 shooting lines at a training distance of 12 metres.

Contact details:

Falcon Archery
University of Malta, University Ring Road, Msida MSD2080.
Phone: +356 7799 3355 Email:

Archery Malta
Phone: +356 9995 8104