How it is possible that I didn’t visit this place earlier?! How many times I was gazing and staring the view about the Three Cities from Valletta waterfront and somehow never came to my mind to go there and discover it. Well, now I did it. Today I prepared a post about the second town in the row: Cospicua (Bormla).

This area is very historical and has been left rather unexplored by tourists.

The Three Cities have largely retained their past architectural glory despite of the damage what the World War II caused. The fortifications were started in 1670 and it took more than 100 years to build the existing surface. The Cottonera Lines can be classed as unique in whole Europe.

Bormla, the double-fortified city used to be only a humble fishing port before the arrival of the Knights. It is probably the least popular from the three, but on the other hand this one is the largest. The dockyard area is currently going through a big embellishment project. Modern Cospicua is an important market center in the heart of the docklands. Its bastions built by the Knights of Malta, are a sight to behold for sheer size and magnitude.

Bormla is the conurbation that linked Birgu and Senglea. The expression Bormla is coming from a word Bir-Mula, which means “the well of the Lord”. The city was renamed by the Knights to Cospicua and earned this name because of its brave and conspicuous role they played in the 1565 siege.

The main building of cultural interest is the Collegiate Parish Church with its Oratory full of unique masterpieces. The closest fortifications embracing Cospicua are the Santa Margherita Lines built by engineer Firenzuola and it is a major landmark. Besides the Parish church there are other important churches such as St Paul’s church and St Theresa church, the latter is the oldest church in Cottonera.

Once you are visiting the Three Cities, you cannot miss a walk in Bormla, moving from one peninsula to the other one. That is how I did as well: walking in the sunshine from Vittoriosa to Senglea, while stopping and taking some shoots about Cospicua. Unfortunately that’s why I have only few pictures about this town.