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Melisande Aquilina

Greetings Darklings! I’m a self-confessed bookworm and literary buff. Having a Masters Degree in English Contemporary Literature and Criticism, I love writing about everything under the sun and am currently a professional freelancer, while also having a full-time job. I enjoy heavy metal music, the Gothic lifestyle, am a horror movie afficionado, am interested in herbal remedies, mythology and ancient history. These are only a few of my passions, which I wish to explore and share through my writing.

Nicola Collins

Hi All! Two years ago (after ten years of holidaying in Malta and a lifetime of living solely in the UK) I moved to this beautiful island. I am a Freelance Writer which enables me to work around my 4-year-old daughter’s school hours. My background in the UK was that of PR, Marketing and Fundraising Management, but my true passion has always been writing. I have been fortunate enough to have my writing in a few publications while living in Malta and although sometimes I work into the early hours to meet deadlines, I wouldn’t change a thing. Stereotypically English, a cup of tea is essential while I write. Now considered home, this interesting and often quirky island, is a place I love and I hope this comes across in my writing.

Leanne Hallett

Hi there! I am a fitness freak, a food lover, and a passionate traveler with a love for writing. In being a B.Ed (Hons.) graduate in teaching English and Geography (although I do not currently do this job), I have possessed a love for creativity, seeking places and people to inspire myself. My current full-time job is that of a Finance Executive, actually taking care of anything that has to do with travel of employees within our entity. In my free time I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new ingredients, scrap-booking (and yes, this is a new way I recently discovered to get my creativity going mixing the writing with the pictures, collages and colours), going for a walk in the countryside and discovering new places, as well as capturing some lovely photos here and there. And oh! I am a cat lady taking care of two amicable balls of fur; one is completely black with green eyes named Phixel, and the kitten is white with ginger-coloured patches which I named Toffee. They really make my day! These are just a few things from the many things I could just keep blabbering about. I just look forward to share with you out there my writings about whatever strikes my fancy in Malta.


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