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Mark Debattista
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Melisande Aquilina
Writer at LivinginMalta.com

Melisande Aquilina, Malta.Greetings Darklings! I’m a self-confessed bookworm and literary buff. Having a Masters Degree in English Contemporary Literature and Criticism, I love writing about everything under the sun and am currently a professional freelancer, while also having a full-time job. I enjoy heavy metal music, the Gothic lifestyle, am a horror movie afficionado, am interested in herbal remedies, mythology and ancient history. These are only a few of my passions, which I wish to explore and share through my writing.

Writer at LivinginMalta.com

Tünde NyársikováHello, nice to meet you! Evangeline is obviously not my real name, but when it comes to writing I always use this one.

I am a young Hungarian lady from the small and unknown country called Slovakia, currently spending my life in beautiful Malta. I am passionate about this island and love it how it is!

I like to discover new places, attend interesting events, eat delicious food in good restaurants, drink flavored cocktails in atmospheric bars and dance in crazy clubs. And what makes all of these things even more enjoyable, is the fact that I can write about all these experiences and share it with you, with the world.

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