Lawrence Gonzi, Malta.

Lawrence Gonzi born in Valletta on the 1st July 1953 is the current Prime Minister of the Maltese islands and the leader of the Maltese Nationalist Party.

Gonzi was educated at St. Joseph School, St. Aloysious College, The Archbishop’s Seminary and in 1975 graduated from the University of Malta as a lawyer (click to read more on his school life). He practiced law in a private firm and later with the Mizzi Organisation as a company lawyer and as Group Chairman.

Lawrence Gonzi also actively participated in aiding the rights of people with physical and mental disabilities. He was appointed as the first Chairman of the National Commission for the Disabled in November 1987, a position which he held all the way through 1994.

Lawrence Gonzi’s Political life

He had his first go at national elections in 1987 but was not successful at this stage. The following year he was appointed Speaker of the House of Parliament and again in 1992.

In 1996 he tried his luck again at the general elections and was successful even though the Nationalist Party was not elected into power this time, with the majority of votes going to the Malta Labour Party (now PL). Gonzi served as an opposition Member of Parliament, Shadow Minister for Social Policy and general secretary of the party among other positions.

In 1998 when the Labour government collapsed due to internal conflicts within the party, Lawrence Gonzi was appointed the Minister for Social Policy and in May of the following year became the Deputy Prime Minister and the Leader of the House. This position was held through the 2003 elections as well.

In March 2004, following the resignation of Eddie Fenech Adami, Gonzi was appointed Prime Minister also keeping the post of Minister of Finance.

Malta joined the European Union on May 1st 2004. The newly appointed Prime Minister attended the ceremony held for the EU enlargement in Dublin Ireland. This was the first time that the Maltese flag was flown alongside the flags of the other 24 member states.

Dr. Gonzi hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta as the head of the Maltese Government.

His government’s future looked a bit shaky during the National election held on the 8th March in 2008 but at the end Gonzi was re-elected as Prime Minister and leader of the Nationalist Party.

Dr. Gonzi is credited with the restructuring process he adopted in order for Malta to fulfil the required economic criteria to be able to adopt the Euros as Malta’s national currency in 2008. He also placed a large part of his attention to the correct management of public finances, making Malta more competitive in the international market, and the ongoing restructuring of the public sector.

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