You are still hesitant on where to spend fun days together with your kids during their Christmas holidays? Why not pay a visit to Esplora; the only Interactive Science Centre in Malta with unique experiences for people of all ages. Last year, just two months after its opening, Esplora took the initiative to organize some original Christmas-themed activities. This year, Esplora with its skilled team of individuals, have worked hard again to come up with shows and workshops to entertain everyone during this Christmas season.

The Christmas programme at Esplora will start as from 26th December running for 2 weeks straight until 7th January. The entrance fee is that of 10 Euro per adult and 5 Euro for kids aged 5-12 years old, while kids under 4 years of age are free. The price is inclusive of all Christmas-themed activities i.e. workshops and shows being performed throughout the day. Planetarium shows will also be taking place, but these are on a first come first served basis, simply for the reason that the planetarium cannot take more than 50 visitors at one time.

There are two main Science shows that will take place throughout the whole Christmas period. There will be ‘Switched ON!’, all about static and current electricity. Rest assured that both children and adults would be intrigued by this live performance. Random people are chosen from the present audience to actively participate in the show. You get to learn further on how circuits are built, and discover the difference between insulators and conductors. Have you ever heard of the Van de Graaff generator? This will be up on stage as well for all to enjoy! As you touch the Van de Graaff, observe how some of your hair stands up in a funny way.

The other science show captures the magic of Christmas and answers some of the questions that might have crossed our mind at some point in childhood life. A variety of experiments will be conducted to answer questions like; How does Santa manages to deliver his gifts all around the world in one night? How does he manage to fit in a chimney? And why does Rudolph’s nose glow bright red? Let your imagination carry you as you enjoy, think and explore the scientific assumptions delivered to you on stage.

A number of short workshops will be organized in different sections of the centre to accommodate people of different age groups. You can choose the workshops you are interested in, also determined by the intended ages, and plan around your stay accordingly. There are three main workshops to be repeated throughout the day.

  1. A workshop for the early years in which participants are encouraged to us their senses as they try to guess the Christmas item placed in a box.
  2. A workshop for older ages where they use their thinking skills to create winter/Christmas images using a geoboard;’ it’s all about shapes!
  3. A more elaborate workshop where the public is encouraged to use their tinkering skills and creativity to build a reindeer or sleigh out of recycled material and electronic components.

Amongst the above three, there would be other activities being carried out on various days. Esplora would not only be a place worth visiting simply for its fun and educational material, but also for its beautiful location and magical Christmas spirit with lights on, Christmas carols, and shiny decorations. For further updates about the upcoming Christmas event visit the following link: