The full body massage is something that has become extremely popular in Malta with massage parlours springing up all over the place. There are several massage parlours in places such as Sliema, St Julian’s and Bugibba where the oriental style is particularly prominent – Chinese and Thai massage parlours are particularly popular. However there are other massage styles such as the Swedish ones which are also growing slowly in popularity. Other more conventional full body massage clinics can be found at some top hotels such as the Westin Dragonara and the Corinthia and there are also excellent massage therapists who can provide this service at considerable cost at their own clinics.

There have been occasions when there have been some nasty experiences for patrons of full body massage parlours, but lately regulation seems to be quite controlled and no real bad incidents have been reported. The bad reputation of some massage parlours has been rectified since a lot of PR has been invested to improve the reputation of such places.

A full body massage is a sensual and highly erotic experience, especially when it is done by Chinese or Far eastern experts. They use their hands and fingers to reach specific areas of the body and this creates what may be described as a titillating sensation that feels extremely pleasant. Other massages can release muscles that are tight and tense and this will also mean a liberating feeling. Some massage parlours also create a sense of occasion when they welcome their clients with a drink and lead them down a dark corridor to a well lit room with lots of oriental trappings. There are no less than 60 massage parlours dotted all over the islands and with the vast majority of them Chinese, you could be well served to try out that experience first.

There are some places in Malta and Gozo where you wouldn’t expect to find a massage parlour and these are located in quite remote places such as Siggiewi where the country air will certainly invigorate your massage experience. A massage is also a great way of relieving stress – you can learn more in this article. Several business executives and celebrities are regular clients in massage parlours. The trade locally is estimated to run into millions of Euro annually especially since there are massage parlours springing up all over the island. Some well known massage therapists have made a name for themselves even abroad so the future looks pretty bright for this trade in Malta.