Although usually people think of taking out a Health Insurance when they are going on holiday, nowadays more and more people are taking out a Health Insurance to cover local private hospital fees, doctors’ fees, operations etc.

Even though the government hospital is free for locals, private hospitals are not. Here is what to do in a situation like this. Taking out a private Health Insurance is convenient because it means that:

  • you do not have to pay for private service;
  • you do not have to wait for a long time for operations and specialists’ appointments;
  • you get paid for nightly stays at the government hospital if you decide to stay there.

When you take out a Travel Health Insurance from your health insurance lawyer you are covered for the time that you are on holiday. According to the premium that you pay is what you will get back. For example if you pay a high premium you are entitled to thousands of euro if in need of hospital care or doctors’ appointments whereas, if you pay a low premium you will probably get the bare basics.

It is always good to cover oneself health wise from trusted providers like my private health insurance, when going on holiday. Since Malta is now part of the EU one can automatically get health insurance for free for EU countries only when they apply for the European Health Insurance Card. This applies to Maltese citizens when travelling abroad and vice-versa when foreigners who are in possession of the European Health Insurance Card come to Malta. With this card, foreigners are treated as locals. Any local healthcare treatment that we would get for free, anybody from the EU in possession of this card would get automatically. Unfortunately, this does not apply to people who are not in the EU and they will have to take out a separate Health Insurance.