Hastings Gardens in Malta.Hastings Gardens is located on the West of Valletta. The garden is offering a very nice, very beautiful view to several places opposite of peninsula of Valletta: Floriana, Manoel island, Msida Creek, Sliema and a little bit of Saint Julians as well.

The garden is a very attractive park set on the bastions of Valletta and the legend says it took only 4 hours to build. Near the entrance there is a monument of Marquis of Hastings placed by the Hastings family in honor of Francis, who was a governor of Malta.

The lord died in 1827 and was buried in the garden. The monument portrays Marquis recumbent on a couch. You can get here by turning left once you are entered the city walls. It is located at Papa Piju V Street, Valletta and it is open daily from 7:30 ‘till dusk.

In the very end of the park there is my favorite spot in Valletta, from where you can see that beautiful view I mentioned above. The panorama picture I made from this place, you can find on our Facebook page, because of the width of the picture there is no sense to upload it here.