From Malta to Sicily with Virtu Ferries.The close proximity between Malta and Sicily is only one of the reasons why the trip to the tip of Italy is so popular. In fact it’s only sixty miles from Gozo to Pozzallo and with the state of the art catamarans operated by Virtu Ferries, the trip can be done in around 90 minutes for a knockdown price hovering between €30 and €40.

The similar cuisine to Malta also makes Sicily another popular tourist destination for the Maltese who will feel at home with the generous seafood dishes on offer.

Sicily is a magical country and is full of unexplored surprises which are only unlocked by regular visits. I recently went to Trapani; a bustling port steeped in history off the Northwest coast (just 25 miles from Palermo) and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely architecture and things to do. You can take a cable car to the fascinating mountaintop village of Erice or go by ferry to the Egadi Islands with Favignana a lovely little spot almost untouched by man with quaint little streets and lovely old jaunts dotting the few streets and alleyways.

The ferry trip to Sicily is comfortable and quite stress free providing all modern amenities and comforts. Stopping in Ragusa is also a lovely experience where one can visit a number of historic sites such as caves hewn into rock and some lovely gardens and churches. For the more adventure minded, Virtu Ferries offer the possibility of taking your car on the ferry for an extra charge and it is then possible to drive all the way over Europe via the boot. Linking between Malta and Sicily has never been easier and all this is emphasized by the growing number of Maltese citizens who are purchasing property in Sicily.

Basic facts:

  • Distance between Sicily and Malta – 60 miles;
  • Price of one way ferry ticket – €36 approx (varies according to season);
  • Cities to visit in Sicily – Palermo, Catania, Ragusa, Taormina, Trapani and Messina.