June in Malta marks the official start of summer, with hot, sunny days melting into warm evenings; ideal for al-fresco dining in a restaurant or cafe by the sea. By the beginning of June, the spring rains have normally subsided and the month marks the start of the dry season. In the Mediterranean region the summers are hot and generally, there is very little rainfall between now and the end of August.

In Malta, tourists from overseas start flocking to the island for a holiday in the sun, and hotels and resorts start to bustle with activity.

Average daytime temperatures are around 25C, but can be much warmer often hitting 32C in the afternoon. Average night time temperatures are around the 18-19C mark. Some days can be rather windy and when there is a breeze the evenings can be cooler than normal. It’s advisable to bring summer clothing such as t-shirts, shorts and swimwear, but pack a light jacket or woolen jersey to wear on cooler evenings. Rainfall is rare, but it may be worth bringing an umbrella just in case. Throughout June there’s a daily average of over 11 hours of sunshine. The highest recorded June temperature in Malta was 40.1C, and in 2009, the highest temperature for the month was 32C on the 10th.

Being a small island surrounded by the sea, humidity starts to creep up in June and by the end of the month, it can feel quite unbearable sitting in the sun for long periods without cooling off in the sea or in a pool. Sea temperatures at this time of year are around 21C, so swimming is very pleasant in the clear blue waters that surround Malta. Diving, snorkeling, and boating are all popular in summer, and June sees the start-up of many of the boat trips that sail around the islands throughout the summer months.